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Shadow Termination

“We will come to times when we think we are dying; other lives are bleeding through”.

By Jan Tober

Shadow Termination

There is an interesting process afloat that many of us are feeling or have felt what Kryon calls, Shadow Termination.  This is the situation we have set up to terminate life, as we know it in the physical.  It is based on old information and/or if the body-mind-soul did not have the strength (for any reason) to move into Ascension and the new energy. Remember you can stay in a healthy youthful body and condition if you wish.

As we move into pure intent to activate and integrate our remaining strands of DNA, our intent is to release the death hormone and activate the youth-ing hormones, "the youth, and vitality chromosomes".  As this happens it seems the Shadow Termination also gets "charged".

  • You may feel very alone, even from Spirit.  You may be feeling depression, dark thoughts, or helplessness.  This seems to be the process.

  • If you don't know what is happening you're probably "doing" or feeling the Shadow Termination also known as the Death Phantom. 

  • Find the source of distress and clear it.  Past life - present life.  Seek healers to ease you through.

  • There is a process called *Decoding that has been very helpful to some people.  * See tools below

  • Be extremely kind and gentle to yourself.  This is not the time to "push through”.  Take time off. Take time out.  This is between you and your soul - no one else.

  • Know that more can be accomplished in this new energy in the physical body then being in another dimension "on the other side".

  • Repeat often - create a mantra, i.e. "I choose life.  I love my life, most benevolent outcome (*MBO) ".  It would be beneficial to take peaceful walks in the morning and chant positive, loving mantras like the ones above.

  • Speak to your innate.  “Innate, is the “smart body” connected to the pineal gland.  *Reference Kryon

  • An effective process to study and use, is the Hawaiian practice of forgiveness and healing, *Ho’oponopono. 

  • Ho’oponopono Mantra, 

               I’m sorry.
               Please forgive me.
               Thank you.

               I love you.


  • Be with loving people of like soul-energy.  No one can fix you.  However, the love and vitality of loved ones can ignite your own life force.  Hold hands with loved ones and spiritually connected beings (physical touch is very important).

  • Lovingly bring your thoughts back to the Light.  Hold your pure intent for being here in love! Consciously control your inner and outer dialogue and replace any negative thoughts, dialogue, and feelings with positive affirmations.  (*Ho’oponopono)   Open up and make connections with the angelic realm, who are always there. (*MBO)

  • Place your name on prayer groups.  Start your own prayer group to support each other.  (For Silent Unity Prayer call (816) 969-2000.)

  • We are in quantum energy; we are like crystals attracting more of who we are.

  • We make up the grid of human consciousness, which creates what happens in our world.  Your thoughts are like magnets attracting what appears in your life. (* Soul Sync Meditation)

  • Use positive affirmations daily.

  • Be aware of your verbiage and thoughts; keep them positive and light. (*Ho’oponopono)

  • Do body cleansing - Epsom salt baths, meditate, gentle exercise is very important, walking, yoga, tai chi, chakra clearing, and anything that helps balance and align you.

  • Mentally shower yourself with iridescent rainbow mist inside and out. (This is the color of the morphogenetic field; the field that surrounds the planet, and it is pure love.)

  • Clear the energy in your home; use sage, burning Palo Santo (holy wood), and incense (Nag Champa).

  • Listen to chants, mantras, or *singing bowl music (Tibetan or Crystal).

  • Bring humor and laughter into your life.

  • Find a way to bring a pet into your life.  They are a source of unconditional love.

  • Be persistent with your efforts, and don’t give up.  Don’t try, just do it.  Trying is ongoing; doing gets it done.  Be in the moment.  Don’t go into the past and don’t go into the future.  Be in the moment!  (If your are living in the past you pull in old thoughts of sadness and melancholy, if your thoughts are in the future, you can bring in anxiety).

  • Know you can get through this if you choose!  After doing all this have faith and know there is help all around you.

NOW, with pure intent say, “I choose life, I choose the most benevolent outcome!"

*Here are some tools to help shift your consciousness.


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