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The Indigo Children Interview


Question #1

What does it mean to be an "Indigo Child"? What can they do? Do they have special power, or a special intelligence?




The Indigo Children are all about the new energy of the planet. They are not super-power kids or really all that "special." Everything in the universe is about energy and frequency. When we speak of Indigo individuals, whether children or adults, we find they possess a frequency that responds to their life color of Indigo. This color is indicative of their life's work.


The color Indigo has nothing to do with auras or other esoteric things. This entire color identification process was accomplished by a pioneer woman who "saw" these colors within Humanity as part of her extensive research into the life color potentials of each Human. Nancy Tape, a profound

teacher, identified a new life color some years ago, as part of a new evolution of consciousness... Indigo.


The life color of the individual relates to how they interact with life on our planet, as well as certain driving forces, like how to live your life's journey and relate to your life's purpose. Nancy Tappe noticed that among the life color processes, this new Indigo color seemed to be increasing. Around 1980, approximately eighty percent of the children being born had this life color. In her research into this new

Indigo color, and after observing a large number of individuals, she came to these conclusions: The Indigos have a special driving force that helps break up the old out molded systems of the planet. Their mission is to help the planet and wake-us up. This makes them the "system busters" that we often hear connected with them.


Their abilities will help us to open up to new ways of being, that will deal more efficiently with the new consciousness that is occurring on the Earth.


Question #2

Why are they so often unrecognized?



The facts are clear: They are being seen everywhere! They are being recognized... not as "Indigos" but as young people who are different. We point out in Indigo children Book III that Industry has never had this much of an issue with hiring young people. These are the Indigos.


When they are born, they occur to come in with the attitude of royalty... a sense of entitlement like they deserve to be here. You may have noticed that they have difficulty with absolute authority, that is authority without explanation or choices. Unlike many of us, they don't really respond well to

"guilt discipline." They come in with the right and left-brain hemispheres in balance. They are here in a mission-lifetime to facilitate change on the planet.


Most of humanity up to now has used the logic and linear left side of the brain for survival and life in general. This has created a society that is quick to war and competition. The Indigos present a more balanced approach to thinking, and because it is different, we often see them as "difficult." They

will be the first ones, as little children, to try and stand between fighting parents with options. Now they are young adults and see much better ways of doing things that have been the same for years.




Which is he relation between an indigo and children's mental diseases? For example, ADHD or autism?



As we said before, the Indigo color is not an aura. So to compare them to auric energies and colors is not correct.

However, part of the life-lessons of Indigos often create what now has been identified as an enormous increase in ADHD. Let me ask you a question: If you had to attend a class where you already knew everything that was being taught... or thought you did, what kind of patience would you have? This is what they are going through, and ADHD is often the result. The increase in diagnosed ADHD since we exposed the Indigos in 1999 is exponential, almost like a communicable disease! Now you know why.


In the case of autism, many Indigos fit the category because they are actually savants (wise ones) with perceived limited communication skills. If we could learn to communicate with them, we would find that they contain a great deal of knowledge and profound information. There are many kinds

of autism, but in the more "functioning autistic" types, there are more Indigos. There have been some wonderful experiments with these autistic kids and non-linear communication techniques, including profound connection with dolphins.




What is he proper way to deal with Indigos?


In our research we have repeatedly brought in health and educational experts to write opinions in all our books. This has created some wonderful resources! Here is the best answer to this question:


The Myth of the ADD Child - 50 ways to improve your child's behavior. Author: Thomas Armstrong, Ph.D. When you read this, you can see that we need to learn how to communicate and interface with these new humans instead of drugs and

old discipline. The old ways of communicating are simply not working.


I believe if we ask the Indigos what they really want, or would do in certain situations, and honor them with choices at crucial times in life, this will all help. LISTENING to them is very important.


Also, realize that we now have indigo parents birthing indigo children... Indigos birthing indigos. So this should actually begin to make things easier, and you are going to see some changes in our society due to this.




Is the conception that holds up the "Indigo Children theory" useful to face children with mental diseases?



Absolutely! Because many may not actually be diseased. They may just be different and Indigos.




Who are the "Crystal Children"?



The Crystal Children are aspects of Indigo Children.

I will explain this using Nacy Tappe's extensive research: The Indigo Children fall into four different categories. (1) Humanists - here to work with the masses (2) Conceptuals - project oriented (3) Artists - more sensitive, and often smaller in stature (4) Inter-dimensional - usually physically larger than most - here to bring in new philosophies. The Crystallines are aspects of the Indigos, and can be found in any or all of the above listed categories. They are described as "a refinement of the Indigo process." They act and reflect back to us the larger picture of the evolution of the planet. Some feel they are actually ascended masters returning here to experience the earth changes at this time, and to help hold the light.


Jan Tober is an international speaker and facilitator. She is co-author of the Indigo Children series, published by Hay House. She helped introduce the concept of The Indigo Children for the planet

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