Creating Sacred Spaces

Ways of Creating Balance in Your Home.

Jan loves to create “House Blessings,” and encourages anyone who wishes to take a look at the wonderful ways you can also build these beautiful energies.


The photos on this page are small alters that help to create peace and tranquility in your home. Jan uses natural elements, flowers, crystals, prayers beads, Quan Yins, and Buddhas to create these wonderful blessings for her own home. She also loves to drape her jewelry creations around these blessings, making them especially attractive.


Creating these blessings within your own home helps you to stay balanced and keeps your home energetically and physically complete. Your home represents who you are, and is a mirror of your own balanced state. We also recommend that you periodically clear (sage burning, etc.) and physically unclutter your home.


Take a look at the ideas on this page. You may discover great new ways to create your own “House Blessing.”

Home Blessings & Jewelry

Designed by Jan Tober


You can find Jan’s custom, hand made jewelry and house blessings at Kryon events and boutiques.