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Kryon Bowls


You may have noticed that Jan's healing modalities often involve crystal bowls. However, these are not just "any" crystal bowls. The bowls from Crystal Tones* are manufactured with very exotic elements, and not one is the same as the other.  Heated to near 4,000 degrees, they are 99% pure quartz crystal and are molded carefully in sizes from 6 to 24 inches.


Jan's favorite is the "Kryon Bowl." It starts with special high grade pure quartz, then the exotic elements are added: Apophyllite, Morganite (Pink Emerald), Moldavite, golden topaz (AKA imperial topaz), indigo, platinum, and silver. The result of all of this careful attention to the bowl manufacturing is an amazing healing quality. When gently struck with the correct mallet, a sustained tone is produced that most can "feel".

These truly are wonderful healing instruments.

Click to hear Jan

playing the bowls.

Meditations & Music

"Rest in the voice of Jan Tober as she takes you to the center of your being."

Louise Hay - Best selling author of "You Can Heal Your Life!" and "Reflections on Your Journey." 

Awakening to Your Crystalline Body 
(Featuring the New Crystal Tones KRYON Bowl)

KRYON, The Magnetic Master, reminds us that the KRYON BOWL helps us in recalibration and in decoding the KRYON information. The KRYON BOWL is used throughout this CD. As we move from our carbon-based 3D form to our quantum state, we become crystalline and align with the crystalline grid. We awaken to our new Crystalline bodies, filled with love and compassion. Enjoy this Guided Meditation from Jan Tober and Lupito William Jones.

$22.22 + S&H

Crystal Singer Activation

Jan Tober and Lupito William Jones from Crystal Tones combine together for a profound DNA activation album! Using the newest bowls from Crystal Tones, Jan creates almost a full hour of toning and bowls using her voice and the incredible energy of bowls infused with gem stones and minerals that amplify their inherent qualities. There is the energy of ACTIVATION ELEMENTS within the bowls combined with Jan's voice, which make this a valuable energetic tool.

$22.22 + S&H 

Guided Meditations 

Jan presents two guided meditations similar to those delivered each Kryon seminar throughout the world, with beautiful Celtic harp accompaniment by Mark Geisler. Side One - Finding your sweet spot. Side Two - Divine Love.

$15.00 + S&H 

Color and Sound Meditation

A complete color/sound workshop! Jan guides us through the seven Chakra system using the enhancement of the ancient Tibetan singing bowls. Side One - 30 minute complete version. Side Two - 12 minute version. 

$15.00 + S&H 

Also available in FRENCH! (see below)

Teknicolour Tapestry
(Includes "Fantasies," as sung at the end of many Kryon Seminars.

A full album of beautiful channeled lyrics and melodies, accompanied by world-class musicians Mark Geisler (on Celtic harp and violin), Ron Satterfield (specific orchestrations), and best-selling Canadian New Age artist Robert Coxon on keyboard.
This full album contains 9 songs, and over 50 minutes of uplifting energy - meditative listening for relaxing. Self empowerment is the theme!
 $15.00 + S&H 


I have the feeling I've been here before

Jan sings some of her Jazz ballad favorites with master guitarist Jeff Linsky. Earl Klugh on Jeff Linsky: "Jeff is one of my favorite players. He has it all.." Songs include My Romance, Interlude, In a Sentimental mood, and 9 more.
The full album contains 12 songs... Jan at her best!

$15.00 + S&H

The Way You Look Tonight

The responsibility of a singer is mainly to best interpret the meaning of a lyric; to find the true heart-felt content that its writer had in mind, especially when it relates to the Great American Songbook. Jan Tober is well versed in this category. After all, she's had a professional role in the lives of bandleaders Stan Kenton, Benny Goodman, and Les Elgart. This CD is a slight departure from the one above. Here we find a more straight-ahead jazz feel that incorporates a quintet. Included in the repertoire are some of the greatest standards ever written.
The full album contains 12 songs

$15.00 + S&H 

Color and Sound Meditation

The same as above, but in French!

A complete color/sound workshop! Jan guides us through the seven Chakra system using the enhancement of the anciet Tibetan singing bowls.

$15.00 + S&H

The Journey Home

Jan Tober and Mike Garson - Includes "Prayer for Earth," as heard in many Kryon seminars, and also by millions around the world at Christmas 2001, played on "Voice of America."

The intent of this album is to provide a peaceful, safe place. Becoming quiet while meditating or praying is the most profound way to hear that still, powerful inner-voice, which all of us have. Soon, fear, stress, anxiety and self doubt fade away… providing space for the process of self-healing.

Peace on earth starts with us, and our own spirit. May this music fill you with renewed peace and love.

$15.00 + S&H 

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